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“Wonderful course, so glad to be up close and personal to a surgical legend to hear and see and learn from him. Dr. Pikos is a wonderful teacher who is so approachable and willing to share his knowledge.”

- Dr. Kiya Green, Perio, Matthew, NC

“This is like drinking from a fire hose. There is a wealth of information presented!”

- Dr. Cecil Dorsett, OMS, Gadsden, AL

“High quality education – immediately applicable!”

- Dr. George Chao, GP, Okotoks, Canada

“Courses such as this reinvigorate my passion for my profession. This course teaches patient-centered care to increase quality of life for our patients.”

- Dr. Shelby Alexander, Prosth, Morgantown, WV

“Excellent course! It was full of real cases, real successes, challenges and failures. Everything was thoroughly explained, starting with the underlying science all the way through surgery to restorative success. Dr. Pikos’ education and delivery style made the course both valuable and fun.”

- Dr. Shepard Delong, GP, Lake Oswego, OR

“Best surgical implant course ever!! Dr. Pikos presents the material in a way that is structured and detailed. I have never done a sinus graft before, but after taking this course I am confident that I can perform sinus grafts when I return to my office. If you have never performed a sinus graft, take the course, you won’t regret it!!”

- Dr. Joe Cavallo, GP, Woodbridge, VA

“Great course! It helped clear up my concerns about the “Same Day Teeth Method” and gave me confidence to begin to implement this in my practice.”

- Dr. Ben Aanderud, GP, Sherwood, OR

“Wish I had done this 20 years ago!”

- Dr. Rick Sullivan, GP, Brentwood, TN

“Dr. Pikos’ experience, wisdom and insights are shared openly, professionally and most importantly to assist. Many learn how to help patient’s outcomes with challenging cases. Dr. Pikos is a consummate colleague and mentor. The Pikos Institute raises the bar on all levels. Well done! Highly recommended.”

- Dr. Jim Hamman, GP, Ripon, WI

“I am impressed by the humility and knowledge combination. Dr. Pikos knows how to not only perform surgery but most importantly presents it and teaches it well! Excellent team!”

- Dr. George Athansios, GP, West Milford, NJ

“A no-brainer course! New things being implemented Monday morning.”

- Dr. David Sullivan, GP, Brentwood, TN

“I always expect to get a pearl or two from CE, but this was exceptional. I got a big PEARL – Are you kidding me – I got a whole oyster! Great one-of-a-kind course.”

- Dr. Douglas Harshberger, GP, Independence, MO

“Misch was my guru; Pikos took over in my mind. I sincerely appreciate his love of teaching. The surgeon is a true master.”

- Dr. Greg Tharp, Prosth, Flowood, MS

“Presentations based on honest, long-term clinical outcomes; good and bad are key to advancement in our field! Thank you, Mike for this!”

- Dr. Richard Urbanek, OMS, Wichita Falls, TX

“I can honestly say Dr. Pikos has, without question made me a better provider! My confidence has gone to the next level in regards to treatment planning, surgical execution and intervention and patient management. Dr. Pikos is unsurpassed as an educator and mentor. I am very proud to be an alumni of the Pikos Institute and look forward to more courses in the future. Thank you!”

- Dr. Matthew Byars, GP, Bradenton, FL

“The course was informative and paced very well. Anyone placing implants needs this information!”

- Dr. Kari Blankenship, GP, Fort Worth, TX

“This is a course that I can say with certainty was worth every penny I spent on it!”

- Dr. Richard Bastien, GP, Tallahassee, FL

“Being a senior OMS faculty at an academy medical center, we are frequently doing reconstruction and bone graft. Having been to numerous surgically centered CE courses, I have found this course to have been the most surgically and clinically beneficial course of all. The many pearls of knowledge will have great benefit for all procedures from the simple “doghouse” rehabilitation to the large “castles.” I will be a future participant for other Pikos Institute courses.”

- Dr. Butch Ferguson, OMS, Martinez, GA

“These courses are providing the sound evidence/science for what we put into clinical practice. The material is presented in a step by step fashion so you can begin applying the technique immediately when you return to your practice.”

- Dr. Andrea McPhillips, OMS, Stephenville, TX

“This is unquestionably the most well organized, well presented and useful course I have ever taken. Dr. Pikos provided a wealth of knowledge and practical information that I can incorporate into my practice immediately.”

- Dr. Spiro Karrass, OMS, Lincolnwood, IL

“I have attended Pikos courses and symposiums for the last 25 years and always walk away impressed. The knowledge and experience delivered through this course is invaluable...”

- Dr. Nelson Eddy, Perio, Rockhill, SC

“A truly exceptional course to raise one’s expertise to the next level!”

- Dr. George Atsalis, GP, Plymouth, MI

“Excellent course that spans topics for the general dentist to the advanced specialist.”

- Dr. Rajan Sheth, GP, Delaware, OH

“This seminar is cutting edge and advances our knowledge base. World class program!”

- Dr. Steve Wallace, Perio, Wilmington, NC