1. How long will I have access to the online course?
    When you purchase a course on PikosOnline.com you will have unrestricted access to the content of the course you purchased for 1 year from the date of purchase. A renewal option is available toward the end of your membership term.

  2. Are the videos and slides downloadable?
    No, unfortunately we cannot make the videos or slides available for download. Please keep in mind the information presented by Dr. Pikos is copyrighted and proprietary based on Dr. Pikos’ 36+ years of clinical experience and 30+ years of teaching. Even as of today, Dr. Pikos sees patients 4 days a week, follows and keeps apprised of the latest technology and research all in order to provide the highest level of care for his patients. He then shares that information in the best possible format and environment with colleagues who want to do the same for their patients. We sincerely ask that you respect that.

  3. How do I ask Dr. Pikos a question?
    Ask to join our Pikos Alumni Closed Facebook Group and ask your question online.

  4. How do I get my CE? Is CE delivered per module or at the end of the course?
    At present, when you complete each of the modules of the course purchased you will have access to the CE certificate, located at the bottom of the list of individual modules. Click to open the PDF and make sure to download the certificate for your records. All CE is submitted to the AGD if you provided your AGD number when registering?

  5. I forgot login information, what do I do now?
    At the login screen, there is a link “Forgot your username or password?”. Click the link and you will be prompted to enter your email address. A new password with an activation link will be sent to your email address.

  6. What’s the single biggest advantage of taking the online sinus course?
    It really is difficult to name only  one advantage, but perhaps having the ability to view the modules at your own pace and on your own time schedule. The scope, depth, and thoroughness of this online course exceed even that of the LIVE course due to time constraints. So, with the PikosOnline course, you can view, pause, and review as much as needed to gain as much information as possible.

  7. What’s the difference between the Live Sinus Course and Pikos Online Sinus Course?
    All Pikos Institute LIVE Courses held that the Pikos Institute facility in Trinity, Florida are a 3-4 days of total immersion into specific topics in Alveolar Ridge Strategies for Single Tooth to Full Arch Reconstruction. They include viewing LIVE Surgery, hands-on workshop, have access to Dr. Pikos, faculty, vendors, and fellow clinicians for questions in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that is completely focused on learning. In addition, you will be provided a course manual to take home that thoroughly covering the material presented in the live course. An experience unrivaled anywhere else.

    The PikosOnline courses have distinct advantages over the LIVE courses. We all know it can be difficult at times to schedule time out of the office. With PikosOnline you can work at your own pace and on your own schedule. You also have the option to review content as much as you want to in order to maximize your understanding of the module. Have questions? Ask to join the Pikos Institute Closed Facebook Group (for Pikos Institute Alumni only) to ask questions of faculty and experienced clinicians who have attended our courses before. Many of them have probably had the same question themselves at some point.

  8. Should I take the LIVE course or the PikosOnline course?
    It really is dependent on your experience level. The less experienced a person is, the more they should be here for the live course as well as supplement with the online course. Those that are experienced in sinus grafting you may only need the online course. With live courses you have access to faculty, vendors, and fellow clinicians in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that is completely focused on learning. In addition, you will be provided a course manual to take home that thoroughly covering the material presented in the live course. You can also expect to view LIVE surgery, unlike anything else you may have seen, and participate in a thorough hands-on workshop. Either way, you will be gaining clinically relevant and evidenced based information, proven protocols, and detailed teaching unlike any course you will attend.

  9. I have registered purchased the course and have competed Module 1 video, handouts, and quiz. Now when I try to go Module 2, I can't get to it because Module 1, and all of the other modules are still locked. What do I do?
    What has happened is that you have viewed Module 1 in the Free Preview mode.  Please be sure you log in with your email and password from the Dashboard tab in the top right corner.  After you are logged in please click the View Course button on the bottom left to access and unlock the remaining modules.  You will likely need to fast forward through the video and quiz for module 1 since it appears as though you viewed it in the preview mode the first time. When you complete Module 1 from within your account, Module 2 should now be accessible.

  10. Is this a LIVE course being streamed or is it self-paced?
    As soon as you purchase the course,  you can begin viewing the modules at your own pace.  Therefore, there is not a set amount of time it takes to complete it.  That part is up to you. You also have the option to review any, and all content later, if you like. None of the modules are live so you will not miss anything while you are practicing and seeing patients, which is the beauty of it.